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Unlocksitepro Terms and conditions  applied to all Account Holders!  

Refund Policy:

 1. If you place Unlock code order and your IMEI number is not found in the factory database or codes  are not availble for the ordered IMEI, you will get Full credit back to your account right away after order processing finished.
You can always check your Credit statement from your account clicking on My Profile > Statement

 2. All our codes and services are verified and there is only 0.01% chance to get wrong codes from us, which off course will be refunded if we get a Video proof from you showing that you ordered the service correctly and code arrived wrong

3.All our iPhone service dont have relock by company or reactive icloud.   Below is the simplest instruction on how to provide Video proof in case of claiming wrong code:

     1. First you need power on the phone and type *#06# to show original IMEI number.

     2. Type the codes that you got exactly by instruction that we will provide you for    your model.

     3. We must see exact error message that the phone shows after entering the code 

     4. Video must be continues and good quality in order we can see the digits.

     5. The video must be uploaded to and link with IMEI number of the device must be sent to customer support Email:


 4. Once we approve the video with our supplier and error codes are verifed  by them to be legit, you will get full credit refund to your unlocksitepro account. 

    We are sorry for some of these incovenience, but we must be protected   from bad customer claim who are seeking Free unlocks on the internet.


Thank you for your understanding and your business. 


We strive to provide our customers  with excellent service at any point in time.